Car onion rings Insider leaks When buying a car is the cheapest

Today to tell you that indeed, related to real money, when buying a car the best deal? Asked which is the most a lot of friends in the background onions.

First, with respect to time to buy a car, does have an impact on prices. Today we are from two dimensions,

1, from a time perspective;

2, from a style perspective.

Car onion rings: Insider leaks! When buying a car is the cheapest.

From the time perspective

12 months of the year, the automobile market when there is hot with cold, which in the end got off cheap, this time specifically to find a couple of 4s store of good friends, for everyone to talk about. A cigarette can cure various diseases of the car

End of question 1 say that buying a car is really cheaper?

A: our store December winds up on the end of it really, because October November rushed out unfinished the task is completed at the end of his. Cheapest 9, in October, while the impulse. Fastidious in the gold 9 silver 10, not by head count this year.

Car onion rings: Insider leaks! When buying a car is the cheapest.

By January, Chinese new year, it will not work, it is very expensive. Are waiting for the new year to buy a car. 51 a bit promotional, 678 in the back is the off-season, while 51 are much longer. So that is, sale for several months.

Car onion rings: Insider leaks! When buying a car is the cheapest.

Question 2 How much prices are what it?

A: this local brand stores are not the same, the vehicle inventory is not the same, there’s nothing inevitable law. Preferences are counted (in percentage), such as we have Q5, moments before conceding 18 points, but you have to add more than 10,000 more decorative. Mercedes-Benz c-class back in October, save 30,005, get extended warranty, send 10,000 insurance, is up more than more than 10 points. Big difference, few rules on the time.

Sometimes catch up with several dealers to compete on price in the competition a lot, you caught the line.

Time summary and supplementary

1. the end of the year is a good time (excluding December)

From September to November, generally have relatively large benefits.

2. around 51 promotions

And onions that May moderate temperatures, bought a new car window is more suitable, so buying a car is a good choice.


In addition to these, double 11 and 12 every year is a good time to buy a car, of course, is to buy a car online here.

Car onion rings: Insider leaks! When buying a car is the cheapest.

Like the qichezhijia, company car, East of Beijing, this site Taobao, are beginning to have a vehicle sales business, a limit buy, buy. Because e-commerce sell your car manufacturer subsidies now, and online prices are transparent, so choose to purchase is a good idea. Only network cars do not mature, so it comes to models is not comprehensive.

In addition to the business usually have some fair, where some models than 4S at prices cheaper, but not all, partners is to shop around.

Point style

First of all, we need to know that a new car market, mostly to new generation of new, small change, big change, small change, replacement and a series of processes (different vehicles are not the same).

What is new-generation? Appearance is usually the car from interior design, engines transmissions new, put it plainly is not a car, it can be seen as a new generation.

Car onion rings: Insider leaks! When buying a car is the cheapest.

That change mean? That is the chassis, power systems has not changed much, probably look interiors a change, adding a new engine, or for a set of more gear transmission, which belongs to the facelift.

Car onion rings: Insider leaks! When buying a car is the cheapest.

Below here is the thing:

1. new generation models don’t immediately buy

Because most of the car when new just listed no concessions, but also have the potential to increase, then not too rational to buy a car, if it is an ordinary car, wait for half a year, rates will open, shot an ideal. Of course, there are also individual, until production has also been on increase. This situation will be less and less.

Car onion rings: Insider leaks! When buying a car is the cheapest.

2. the forthcoming facelift can buy

Onions said, change models will not be major changes in body structure, and most models are modified in order to find a gimmick to make the car better selling, so shortly before the facelifted models have larger discounts, it is more suitable for shots, don’t have to worry about the technology and the new model is very big gap.

Car onion rings: Insider leaks! When buying a car is the cheapest.

For example some car 2015 and 2016, almost no difference in appearance from the Interior, Powertrain and no change is the addition of a chrome decoration, manufacturer called his new 2016 marketing is nothing more than to the end of another round, let him better selling points. So increase the preferential margins of 2015, it is good time to start.

3. immediate replacement is not recommended to purchase

Now auto update soon, but the product of different stages, in fact there is a difference in experience, especially for smaller partners like car, where allowed by the economic conditions, you can try to buy technology new products.

Car onion rings: Insider leaks! When buying a car is the cheapest.

Has just released the new e-class Mercedes-Benz, for example, that, if you buy an old e-class, it is estimated that for a long time was not quite happy. Of course, if only to consider practicality, it doesn’t matter, for example, Citroen for sale now Sega is already an older style, but the 100,000 level vehicles also generally offer a 3, 40,000, still rugged and durable.

Following is a closeout

Well, a Word so much, you can choose according to their needs, as appropriate, when to buy a car, you don’t have to hold onto the money in his hand from January until November, you say it’s not a bit …. So, in the likely case, choosing the right timing is right.

Bunkers of knowledge and also want to see more cheats please? In the “auto onion rings” micro public reply, ‘ car ‘, ‘ car ‘ keywords, there will be more!


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