Suit Honda a picture on there I only read the Japanese sphere of influence

Recently, Toyota and Suzuki both sides held a News Conference announced that the future will be in new energy vehicles, security, and expand cooperation in the field of information technology. In this way, Japan car “Tripod” is formed.

Suit Honda a picture on there I only read the Japanese sphere of influence

Pattern is clear, Toyota-Daihatsu-Hino-Subaru-Isuzu-Mazda-Suzuki formed the largest Alliance, Nissan-Mitsubishi cooperate, only Honda, self-contained and throughout Japan car competition. Beijing electric Magazine cheat fill reckoning

Among them, Toyota in August this year, Daihatsu has been received as a wholly owned subsidiary, Daihatsu cars will change back to Toyota’s logo and to enter the mini-car market. And Hino Motors followed with Daihatsu, already as early as 1998 and Toyota teamed up together.

In 2005, Toyota to Fuji, acquired a stake in Fuji 8.7%. Although not the largest shareholder, but Toyota finally gets Subaru’s technologies, 86 per cent of birth had proved this point.

Suit Honda a picture on there I only read the Japanese sphere of influence

As for Toyota and Mazda, believe 2015 the two companies to work together, have shocked so many cars circle of people. Maybe in the near future, we can see the following blue sky technology’s Toyota and Mazda with Toyota’s hybrid technology. Like the Toyoda said that Toyota and Mazda were engaged.

Actually write here as we have been able to see. Toyota’s Union, are basically born under influence of Toyota’s marketing strategy. Toyota’s strategy is simple, it wants a supercar, the Yamaha V10 together. It wants to revive cheap sports cars, so find the Subaru BRZ/86 twin brother. It wants a gearbox, love letter was it into my arms.

So, these international giants Toyota and Volkswagen, Ford, market need, what they do, and no matter what you do, not his solo, they are masters of rumble.

And contrast himself alone against two Union of Honda, for this House, I just want to know: there is!


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