Depending on the car come true They bought 2 4 billion from the LG battery

According to the Korea Herald News, Faraday’s future with LG chemical battery purchase agreements signed a $2.42 billion. As per kilowatt hour batteries on the market now valued at $145, the order changed to meet the needs of nearly 100,000 vehicles batteries.

Depending on the car come true? They bought $2.4 billion from the LG battery

However, feels suspicious is that Faraday’s future bought these batteries to supply the LeSee supercar. But seen from the scale, LeSee vehicles cannot completely digest such a big amount. Chery chain collision test for the first time

Faraday with anything? Have you ever thought, Jia Yue Ting out depending on the car, seems to be a mystery from the outset, the relationship between these companies mess.

I tried stroking it and Jia Yue Ting relationships between related companies. Initially, Jia Yue Ting in the United States during our visit, and baic to jointly invest in a start-up electric car company named Atieva. Then, find a Aston Martin, but because the idea is not to disappear. Then, at the end of 2015, Faraday’s future in the United States announced the establishment, but who actually controls the company is Jia Yue Ting.

Since then, TV plus them walking on three legs, in the United States are Atieva and Faraday’s future competition, in China it is the music and Beijing automotive industry cooperation.

In April this year, farad began in Las Vegas in a $1 billion public investment in the future. In August, Atieva the first prototype road test. On September 19, letv Motors raised $1.08 billion, on September 21, Faraday’s first volume production car road tests in the future. The same day, Faraday’s future contract signed a $2.42 billion and LG chemical battery.

Depending on the car come true? They bought $2.4 billion from the LG battery

Is it looks dazzling? And can’t guess is that Faraday’s future as a United States company, only a Chinese website, no English Web site. Perhaps, Faraday the cars of the future, only to sell to the Chinese in the future. And, in the United States the plant, in addition to having acting United States background, United States Government investment for new energy industry is also very large, currently Nevada Government grant Faraday incentives and tax relief in the future, has reached US $335 million. Believe this is depending on the selection in the United States why plant.

Depending on the car come true? They bought $2.4 billion from the LG battery

Faraday’s first production car of the future planned market in 2018, will sell more than 1 million Yuan, the first owner had produced, that is, women’s volleyball coach Lang ping. But Faraday’s future purchases of so many LG battery, how can I use it again? First hanging LeSee car Super cars isn’t in Beijing Automotive OEM, but Faraday’s future production?

Depending on the car come true? They bought $2.4 billion from the LG battery

Most likely, Faraday’s future, after all, is the home of Jia Yue Ting industries.


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