50 000 dollars Beijing new energy aware bean is hard

Bean D2 these days consulting know this car really, I guess, in the new Beijing new energy index of more than 13,000 more than lucky, ideas, not a lack of people, right?

Beijing, as a new list of the cheapest sources of energy a car, know beans after the subsidy prices only 49800 D2 in nude, floor prices are only about 56,000. Look, buy a number seems to be a good deal.

50,000 dollars, Beijing new energy aware bean is hard

But there’s a problem, and you bought the car, it is only when a device that, still want to travel?

Family car, buy a knew beans only, not open, that’s not a problem, we rich wayward well. But there’s no car, or want to travel to commute to and from work, so we’d better calm down first.

Because with the car’s standard know beans, this car has a few problems.

First is the chassis. While hanging the Geely brand, know that bean’s biological parents are actually in linyi, Shandong’s new ocean. In development before you know beans, new oceans only electric motorcycles and three-wheeled development experience. This extremely Spartan chassis and suspension design and know beans are not unrelated, such as the rear suspension, know beans is trailing arm torsion beam structures, names and car sounds the same, but I went to the park that 7 people bicycle rear suspension torsion beam, and cars actually the same?

50,000 dollars, Beijing new energy aware bean is hard

And from the appearance point of view, rear suspension I think know beans called torsion bar is more appropriate, look no beam of thin steel pipe. As far as driving quality, old scooter feeling overcomes you at all times. After the speed more than more than more than 60 km, even if two people sitting on a car, Guo degang said near-indifference to the passing of time far gone shake shake, shaky. If you buy know beans, I suggest you don’t go on the rings, on the airport Highway, which shall be 60 km speed held up someone else’s business. Not deducted for the novice s Guide Which lines

Secondly as a car, know beans D2 no anti-collision beam, no airbag, no ABS, the rain and snow in the North also how? My impression is, only Ma Hengda in India built such a car? Once we Gibe three exotic car, now, know beans also make us feel a third brother hang your heart. China new energy I give us a surprise.

50,000 dollars, Beijing new energy aware bean is hard

Taobao last airbag Assembly on three hundred or four hundred bucks if you know beans can put that big screens are not that 3G, money on security, I applaud. Of course, know beans without airbags without ABS, may also be other reasons, such as simply did not want to use CAN-bus and the sensor … … Actually know beans only 220V rechargeable design will be able to see, a car without a high power charger, also means that it is not CAN the network, much less and BMS (battery management system) the ability to communicate.

Third, know beans D1, I wonder when the new ocean in design know beans, there are no NVH (noise, vibration and acoustic roughness). Like many owners response of more than 60 km/h motor noise, and can interfere with the radio. D2 know beans a little improvement, but I still can’t and comparison with other electric vehicles.

50,000 dollars, Beijing new energy aware bean is hard

In addition, know beans simple suspension also determines its filter vibration and road noise level. How to describe it, very lively! Urban roads are OK, provided they do not exceed 60 km/h was no big problem. But a bad road, know beans will bounce jumping beans, the driving experience is like General Electric three-wheeled appendage. Even some of the media when the teacher tests the brakes, know beans D2 rear wheel dangling off the ground, just turned a somersault.

Finally, know beans core components of choice of suppliers, is not too reassuring. Know the motor is new ocean production of beans, although not bad, but Jin electric BYD electric they still have a long way. But until now, the new ocean’s main business is still in-wheel motor and electric three-wheeled bicycles, high power motor not seen any development.

50,000 dollars, Beijing new energy aware bean is hard

Know beans battery chose Henan fluoride. Fluoride in low battery status, but it is the core technology of the electrolyte, or fluoride publicity up of lithium hexafluorophosphate. In terms of batteries and battery pack as a whole package, fluoride and have no special advantage. Instead, fluoride in many of China’s approach to life is suspected, such as in the case of liabilities over more than 800 million, fluoride invested 200 million funds buying financial products. There are 2012 announced 100 million ampere hour battery 2 and 200 million a lithium project in the wake of the news drove up their stock price, up to now haven’t seen much fluoride the two projects.

Finally, the D2 is a short-lived car know beans. Investment in the new ocean base in Lanzhou Geely, the new ocean in linyi plant will gradually reduce known bean production. But with BYD EV version of the song, Yuan, Chang Ben-Ben EV, even cars and SEV will be unveiled before the end of this year, know beans D2 has not continued the production of meaning, the end of 2016 will be discontinued. Know beans maintenance costs, not lower.

Moreover, the D2 before the subsidy was 158,800 know beans, according to the new energy policy, the car insurance every year, will be more than 5500. Think 49800 Yuan to buy a car insurance by more than 5,000 a year, wouldn’t it be a pig in a poke?

Therefore, the above factors together do you think know beans is a good choice?


Well, do not know beans, Beijing new energy list, is there a substitute for knowing beans car? If 49800 buys a car, it really doesn’t. However, if you are willing to pay 10,000 dollars?

There are two choices, Chery’s eQ, a subsidised price 61,800, mini cars. Jac iEV4, a subsidised price 62,800, small cars. Two cars only 1.2 and 13,000 more expensive than 49800 know beans.

Remind, this difference of just over 10,000, in Exchange for a 4-seater, dual air bags, ABS, and the driving experience.

First eQ said Chery. Prototype is the QQ, more than 10 years mature vehicle design and production process, is absolutely known peas immeasurably. And QQ than eQ, also because of the battery pack weight was more than 300 kilograms, reflecting on the driving experience is more solid chassis, better stability. Just life and the D2 know beans at the same level as, the actual use in about 130 km.

50,000 dollars, Beijing new energy aware bean is hard

But Chery eQ also has made the common mistake new energy vehicles, it is not the first mass production of key parts suppliers. Electric drive motor from the initial Shanghai, replaced by associated with Chery in Wuhu jienuorui. Ternary lithium batteries from the universal billion to replace Gatway ternary lithium in Tianjin. If there is no brand complex for suppliers of battery life decreased more than ten kilometres, you can completely do not care about.

Jac iEV4, and eQ, as were the first two batches into the list of new energy vehicles in Beijing. Know beans and eQ,iEV4 than the maximum advantage models high level, is a small car, interior space is larger, or standard three-Chamber structure, is more in line with the aesthetic habits of ordinary people.

50,000 dollars, Beijing new energy aware bean is hard

However and wonder bean as well as compared to eQ, iEV4 biggest disadvantage is that it’s battery is Xuan of Hefei high-tech production of lithium iron phosphate battery, high weight, large size. But battery life is 150 km, and know beans and eQ are flat.

Of course, in what is now Beijing new Energy directory, there are several equally is a double-seater car, is can replace know beans.


First of all Titan sway salute to Smart zotye E200,5.98 of a subsidised price, the actual range easily surpassing 160 km, and the face value is high in domestic new energy cars. Unfortunately, although Beijing has tried to drive, but has yet to get into the new energy list, 4S shop news and just wait, wait, we’re trying … …

50,000 dollars, Beijing new energy aware bean is hard

Of course, and Chery salute open and aboveboard to the Toyota IQ little ants, but will not be listed until the end of this year. But compared to ants, another two-seat car, I look forward to, and SEV.

50,000 dollars, Beijing new energy aware bean is hard

Now news of SEV not more, but performance is, the two tandem, airbags, ABS, ESP available, 2*10 kg removable batteries, batteries from Panasonic, battery life Almost 100 km. The price, about 40,000 yuan.

Look in the list of new energy cars, wandering look at directory of new energy vehicles in Beijing, I think list of Beijing new energy rules of the game should be redesigned. Strict entry and at the same time, is also going to establish a mechanism? Of course, this is just a suggestion, we can discuss it again in the future.


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