Car onion rings as long as hundreds of pieces can improve performance and save

Cheating automotive supplies, in addition to the oil filter and the like, there’s often some rare items, onion will give you today buddy talk for online sales is very popular “cheating” goods!

What are “cheating” delivery?

Watch the video it quickly ~

Electric turbine

Small-displacement turbocharged engines had become a development trend of automobile, relatively fuel-efficient, and increase the power, this be the cause of many owners choose Turbo car. Mama Real work here Tire pressure monitoring will

Online sellers also seems to see that, abruptly gave out an electric turbine, onions found Internet search, there are so many similar products, ranging in price from hundreds of thousands, and the price is not high, but the seller’s product features completely scare the onion!

Examine the artifact, working principle and exhaust gas turbine is different, depends on the power turbine to increase the intake and intake.

Seller claims: built-in Turbo speed of tens of thousands of revolutions per minute, replacing original car air filter, mounted directly on the engine air intakes on the line, easy to install, installed in 20 minutes, lifting power, engine power increased by 20%-40%, economy, oil, reduce fuel consumption by 15%-20%, environmental quality! Emissions reduced by over 60%! So I Park Royal haze seemed to be saved … …

Drive the turbines of the power source is the 12V battery of the vehicle, think you know, powered by 12V power supply fan speed am I going to reach tens of thousands go, could turn thousands of good.

The Turbo speed normal are a hundred thousand of revolutions, only such a high speed in order to achieve the objective of effective pressure, like power even if the speed of the turbine can be tens of thousands, also plays no role, put it on the engine air intakes, can adversely affect the engine’s air intake.

In addition, fuel-saving, emission reduced 60%? Onion only wants to say–boast also needs to have a good …

Voltage regulator fuel economizer

Everybody is hard to save oil, bought a car to see what kind of car fuel, buying a car, I want to how to drive fuel.

While owners of those businesses are well aware, more hard thinking to come up with a power saving products, known as fuel.

Compared to electric turbines, which is worse! Not only cheaper prices, installation is also easier, just plug in the cigarette lighter, it can play a role, it can fuel, incidentally, enhance the power, let the horse run fast, rhythm and let the horse do not eat grass …

Look at his works: it’s automobile fuel efficiency under the influence of engine ignition systems, ignition systems ignition voltage, car air conditioning and electric interference voltages, voltage fluctuations caused, resulting in the ignition voltage is affected, then it will cause incomplete combustion of fuel, fuel waste.

The voltage regulator fuel-saving device known as a chip, connected car circuit to control trip computer, the purpose of stabilizing the voltage.

At first glance! Makes sense, however flawed, Ah! Cars are parallel relations between the various appliances, voltage is relatively constant between them, independently, in the cigarette lighter plug in this stable voltage, no basis is!

In addition, the spark plug ignition does need a lot of voltage, but as long as the ignition voltage lower limit, we will produce sparks, cited in the gas tank of flammable gas mixture, even if the voltage deviations, the ignition effect will be the same.

In fact, the original car circuit regulator, automotive design engineer before taking into account these, don’t need to we’ll install regulated device.

Fire hose

What is throat? In simple terms is the exhaust pipe end, can see it outside the car is called the tail pipes.

So-called flame tail throat is actually a built-in light bulb tail and throat, relying on the strong light bulb effect of simulated car fire.

Onion is dumbfounding, sellers claimed to reduce engine noise, also prompted attention from.

But Onions I want to say is, this bright bulb in the back of the car, considering after truck drivers feel … And a “big egg” in the exhaust, afraid of what’s wrong with the car plug …

All in all, the fire tail throat of the flower is not good, we’d better don’t buy.

Onion brother becomes a race car or supercar in the common exhaust pipe fire principle.

Are usually turbocharged cars, in the race to avoid Turbo lag, resulting in power can’t keep up, so usually when you have ignition system, racing driver loose when the throttle, the engine will continue to fuel injection and ignition, so large amounts of fuel to enter the exhaust pipe, use high temperature ignition of fuel and tailpipe fire occurred.

Burning these fuels produces high pressure turbine has maintained a high speed, so as to avoid Turbo lag.


Today give you so many wonderful things and hope that friends remember, not so much in the world to spend a penny to do big good thing, tell your friends, and avoid deception, white money.

Cars fear being cheated?  Car questions? you get older drivers to be here! Just concerned about the onion app public: “car onion rings.”


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