64 core CPU debut Hot Chips in China global performance ARM architecture with

64-core CPU debut Hot Chips in China, global performance ARM architecture with the highest Server chips

According to the Xinhua News Agency said, from Tianjin, China, Federal information technology company designed a 64-core CPU (CPU) and server prototypes from United States IEEEE launched the “Hot Chips” seminar on high performance chips unveiled for the first time, attracting attention from practitioners around the world.

Fit the company’s engineer, FT-2000/64 is the first paragraph of China-designed 64-core general purpose processor, and global performance ARM architecture with the highest Server chips at this stage. It is reported that soar high performance processor is one of China’s National Defense Science and Technology University research team established enterprises, and National Defense University indicated in IT’s most well-known work is the milky way–2A super computer world super top performance champion for five consecutive sessions.

In fact, as early as last August, rise the company has briefed the seminar on the operation codenamed “MARS” FT-2000/64 CPU indicators, performance beyond the top Intel dual E5. Known at that time, the product will face the HPC, has a relationship with nudt tee 2A alternatives.

64-core CPU debut Hot Chips in China, global performance ARM architecture with the highest Server chips

This years this processor are both good, and questions never stopped. This year, the fly company formally presented the processor physical products and prototypes. FT-2000/64 processor using “Advanced RISC machine” (ARM) architecture, compatible with 64-bit instruction set, integrated 64-designed processor cores, core 2.0 gigahertz frequency and peak value of a floating-point operation speed of 512 billion times per second, typical application cases the measured power consumption 100 w. Juicy Couture sale

In the length and width of 55 mm each package, 25.38 mm and width 25.2 mm on a silicon chip, utilizing 28nm IC line width process, this processor a 4.8 billion transistors. It is learned that the future would unveil a SIMD double enhance the depth of the improvement of broadband technology. Juicy Couture iPhone plus 6 cases

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Chip makers such as Intel X86 processor using “complex instruction set computer” (CISC) architectures, and ARM architecture processors are “reduced instruction set computer” (RISC), the advantages are fewer transistors needed, high efficiency, low cost and power consumption, better suited to smart mobile devices, high performance servers.

Before launch FT-2000/64 to rise the company has developed FT-1500 Series 2 and 16-core processors, cumulative sales of more than 20,000, the products are mainly used in financial, telecommunications, energy and other fields.

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