Support of the electronic Handbrake auto parking ramps is what does this mean

There is too many electronic devices, many features are hard to tell, I do not know how to properly use, and buy a car when some 4S shop sales are scanty, make us feel very confused. Next onions just give you a universal electronic Handbrake little knowledge in this respect.

Traditional hand brake, basically hand brake lever pull two brake cables, connected to the two rear wheels brake calipers, and brake.

Support of the electronic Handbrake, auto parking, ramps is what does this mean?

Electronic parking brake (EPB) also known as electronic parking, called electro-mechanical parking brake. Electronic Handbrake is by electrical signals control the brake calipers, brake does not need electricity after, so there is not working after a power failure.

Support of the electronic Handbrake, auto parking, ramps is what does this mean?

Electronic hand brake use Car 300 seconds the new Jeep Liberty models

There will be some differences between different models, we’d better go read your vehicle manual.

Parking: most models in the stall with electronic hand brake and unfasten the rear vehicle will automatically pull the hand brake. In most cases, Yes, do not ignore it.

Of course there are cases where there is need for manual operation, is the one on the slopes, or the parking need to hand brake force protection gear unloading, operation and as a normal handbrake.

Start: most car engine start, driver seat belt, when the door is closed, a little deep to step on the gas, electronic hand brake is automatically lifted, thus avoiding some of the more casual friend out for a long time without HAND-BRAKE ON, causing brake wear.

This feature also applies to Hill-start. -Automatic car in the electronic Handbrake pulled, releasing the brake, step on the gas it OK, electronic hand brake for automatic discharge. Manual car oil when forward momentum from the electronic Handbrake is automatically lifted, car does not occur.

While waiting for the red light or a traffic jam: few seconds waiting for onions recommended d block brakes in a direct, long waits or when the slopes are waiting, it is recommended that pull up the electronic handbrake.

When driving at high speed: General electronic hand brake is not working at the moment, but some integrated ABS/ESP electronic Handbrake control unit there is a feature that is when running in case of emergency (such as hydraulic brake system failure, etc), electronic hand brake operation, emergency braking of vehicles. Such as the mass of the electron when the hand brake at more than 7km/h per hour, by controlling the ESP control unit with larger power brake on all four wheels.

But Onions recommended that at high speeds when using this feature may have slipped, and out of control, dangerous, if the hydraulic brake system failure, where conditions permit, case, or through a downshift to use engine braking, when it was 20km/h slow, try using an electronic hand brake emergency brake.

Then the way automatic and electronic hand brake-related parking (Auto hold).

Support of the electronic Handbrake, auto parking, ramps is what does this mean?

Auto hold for you automatically can be simply understood as actually pull Handbrake, usage is as follows:

Auto hold for open and brakes at a time stopping when the parking brake is automatically started, feel a relief force coming from the brake pedal, you can release the brake pedal, no car;

If the waiting time is shorter, it is Auto hold brake through the ESP control unit;

If you wait longer, it will be converted into electronic handbrake. Of course, this process is automatic and no action.

When you need to move on, a touch on the accelerator, the parking system will be lifted.

While backing, some Auto models hold cannot be closed automatically, so reversing bad throttle control, easy to flee, so best to manually turn off when reversing.

Also called ramp-assisted (HAC)

Support of the electronic Handbrake, auto parking, ramps is what does this mean?

This name may be slightly different, and all in all it was uphill at the start, even if you did not pull Handbrake, you can ensure that you release the brake pedal to step on it for a few seconds when the throttle, not car. Its brake via the ESP control unit. This function has no buttons, brakes when parking on a slope, gears in forward gear, HAC will automatically start. Note that the brake takes only a few seconds, if there is no oil, there are car danger.

Bunkers of knowledge and also want to see more cheats please? In the “auto onion rings” micro public reply, ‘ automatic ‘, ‘ config ‘ keywords, there will be more!


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