Israel venture companies push 3D scanning plate in support of Project Tango

Israel venture companies push 3D scanning plate in support of Project Tango

3D and virtual reality technology so far attracted Google, Facebook, giants such as Samsung’s attention, some entrepreneurial companies to join the development of equipment. Coming from Israel Mantis Vision 3D technology company announced launch 3D scanning Tablet Aquila for developers that can help developers filming, scanning physical objects and images convert-d to create interactive 3D scenes. In addition, can also directly take 3D videos and capture 3D data flows in real time.

Currently, developers can spend $ 925 by Qualcomm this week in United States San Francisco Uplinq Conference for developers to buy the Tablet, buyers will receive at the end of the actual device. Mantis Vision said, will work with hardware manufacturers to cooperate in early 2015 in the consumer market, the launch of the tablet computer.

Israel venture companies push 3D scanning plate in support of Project Tango

Aquila Tablet Google’s Project Tango, can be used to scan 3D space to help developers build applications. Not only that, it also has more advanced real time 3D maps, better able to create 3D game content. Tablet with an 8-inch screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, equipped with an infrared sensor and color recognition sensors, using the Sony 13 million pixel camera, this configuration can handle any job for Android tablet.

Industry giant stump of 3D and virtual reality situations, winning points for 3D virtual content can come to the fore. Not just for audio and video entertainment and games, future experiences also include shopping, social networking and other forms of virtual reality, Mantis Vision equipment apparently helped to speed up the whole process and was looking forward to.

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