20 140 breakthrough innovation in fresh from the oven

Every year, the latest scientific and technological achievements are rain, countless, but what really brings great changes to our lives is not much. The recent United States of the MIT Technology Review (MIT Technology review) selected the top 10 breakthrough innovations over the past year, which is very important for a long time to come. Some of these technologies are related to Internet technologies and Smartphones.

Agriculture drone

Relatively cheap drone is equipped with equipped with advanced sensors and imaging capabilities, increase yields, reduce damage to the crops.

Super privacy smart phone

The security and privacy of Smartphone is a snow spirit portrayal of time

Brain imaging FENDI iPhone 6 Plus Case

The picture after more than 10 years to complete, was more detailed than previous known clearly show the structure of the human brain, the complexity of the brain to better show a neuroscientist

Neuromorphic chips

Microprocessors to make the traditional chip is more like the human brain, make computers more intelligent

Genome Editor FENDI iPhone 6 plus

It can construct a directed mutation of primates, as scientists study complex and associated with genetic diseases of the brain provides a very effective way.

Mini 3D printing

Print the “ink” is made up of different materials, print a very wide scope.

Mobile collaboration

Users can eventually smartphones with Office software

Oculus Rift

FENDI iPhone 6 plus

Virtual reality technology in more and more areas to test their skills

Agile robot

Computer scientists create agile robot can walk on the uneven ground and make them play an increasing role in the environment of human life

Smart grid

Big data and artificial intelligence are producing very accurate predictions, which can put more renewable energy into the grid.

Via MIT technology review


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