Car onion rings Insider leaks When buying a car is the cheapest

Today to tell you that indeed, related to real money, when buying a car the best deal? Asked which is the most a lot of friends in the background onions.

First, with respect to time to buy a car, does have an impact on prices. Today we are from two dimensions,

1, from a time perspective;

2, from a style perspective.

Car onion rings: Insider leaks! When buying a car is the cheapest.

From the time perspective

12 months of the year, the automobile market when there is hot with cold, which in the end got off cheap, this time specifically to find a couple of 4s store of good friends, for everyone to talk about. A cigarette can cure various diseases of the car

End of question 1 say that buying a car is really cheaper?

A: our store December winds up on the end of it really, because October November rushed out unfinished the task is completed at the end of his. Cheapest 9, in October, while the impulse. Fastidious in the gold 9 silver 10, not by head count this year.

Car onion rings: Insider leaks! When buying a car is the cheapest.

By January, Chinese new year, it will not work, it is very expensive. Are waiting for the new year to buy a car. 51 a bit promotional, 678 in the back is the off-season, while 51 are much longer. So that is, sale for several months.

Car onion rings: Insider leaks! When buying a car is the cheapest.

Question 2 How much prices are what it?

A: this local brand stores are not the same, the vehicle inventory is not the same, there’s nothing inevitable law. Preferences are counted (in percentage), such as we have Q5, moments before conceding 18 points, but you have to add more than 10,000 more decorative. Mercedes-Benz c-class back in October, save 30,005, get extended warranty, send 10,000 insurance, is up more than more than 10 points. Big difference, few rules on the time.

Sometimes catch up with several dealers to compete on price in the competition a lot, you caught the line.

Time summary and supplementary

1. the end of the year is a good time (excluding December)

From September to November, generally have relatively large benefits.

2. around 51 promotions

And onions that May moderate temperatures, bought a new car window is more suitable, so buying a car is a good choice.


In addition to these, double 11 and 12 every year is a good time to buy a car, of course, is to buy a car online here.

Car onion rings: Insider leaks! When buying a car is the cheapest.

Like the qichezhijia, company car, East of Beijing, this site Taobao, are beginning to have a vehicle sales business, a limit buy, buy. Because e-commerce sell your car manufacturer subsidies now, and online prices are transparent, so choose to purchase is a good idea. Only network cars do not mature, so it comes to models is not comprehensive.

In addition to the business usually have some fair, where some models than 4S at prices cheaper, but not all, partners is to shop around.

Point style

First of all, we need to know that a new car market, mostly to new generation of new, small change, big change, small change, replacement and a series of processes (different vehicles are not the same).

What is new-generation? Appearance is usually the car from interior design, engines transmissions new, put it plainly is not a car, it can be seen as a new generation.

Car onion rings: Insider leaks! When buying a car is the cheapest.

That change mean? That is the chassis, power systems has not changed much, probably look interiors a change, adding a new engine, or for a set of more gear transmission, which belongs to the facelift.

Car onion rings: Insider leaks! When buying a car is the cheapest.

Below here is the thing:

1. new generation models don’t immediately buy

Because most of the car when new just listed no concessions, but also have the potential to increase, then not too rational to buy a car, if it is an ordinary car, wait for half a year, rates will open, shot an ideal. Of course, there are also individual, until production has also been on increase. This situation will be less and less.

Car onion rings: Insider leaks! When buying a car is the cheapest.

2. the forthcoming facelift can buy

Onions said, change models will not be major changes in body structure, and most models are modified in order to find a gimmick to make the car better selling, so shortly before the facelifted models have larger discounts, it is more suitable for shots, don’t have to worry about the technology and the new model is very big gap.

Car onion rings: Insider leaks! When buying a car is the cheapest.

For example some car 2015 and 2016, almost no difference in appearance from the Interior, Powertrain and no change is the addition of a chrome decoration, manufacturer called his new 2016 marketing is nothing more than to the end of another round, let him better selling points. So increase the preferential margins of 2015, it is good time to start.

3. immediate replacement is not recommended to purchase

Now auto update soon, but the product of different stages, in fact there is a difference in experience, especially for smaller partners like car, where allowed by the economic conditions, you can try to buy technology new products.

Car onion rings: Insider leaks! When buying a car is the cheapest.

Has just released the new e-class Mercedes-Benz, for example, that, if you buy an old e-class, it is estimated that for a long time was not quite happy. Of course, if only to consider practicality, it doesn’t matter, for example, Citroen for sale now Sega is already an older style, but the 100,000 level vehicles also generally offer a 3, 40,000, still rugged and durable.

Following is a closeout

Well, a Word so much, you can choose according to their needs, as appropriate, when to buy a car, you don’t have to hold onto the money in his hand from January until November, you say it’s not a bit …. So, in the likely case, choosing the right timing is right.

Bunkers of knowledge and also want to see more cheats please? In the “auto onion rings” micro public reply, ‘ car ‘, ‘ car ‘ keywords, there will be more!


Suit Honda a picture on there I only read the Japanese sphere of influence

Recently, Toyota and Suzuki both sides held a News Conference announced that the future will be in new energy vehicles, security, and expand cooperation in the field of information technology. In this way, Japan car “Tripod” is formed.

Suit Honda a picture on there I only read the Japanese sphere of influence

Pattern is clear, Toyota-Daihatsu-Hino-Subaru-Isuzu-Mazda-Suzuki formed the largest Alliance, Nissan-Mitsubishi cooperate, only Honda, self-contained and throughout Japan car competition. Beijing electric Magazine cheat fill reckoning

Among them, Toyota in August this year, Daihatsu has been received as a wholly owned subsidiary, Daihatsu cars will change back to Toyota’s logo and to enter the mini-car market. And Hino Motors followed with Daihatsu, already as early as 1998 and Toyota teamed up together.

In 2005, Toyota to Fuji, acquired a stake in Fuji 8.7%. Although not the largest shareholder, but Toyota finally gets Subaru’s technologies, 86 per cent of birth had proved this point.

Suit Honda a picture on there I only read the Japanese sphere of influence

As for Toyota and Mazda, believe 2015 the two companies to work together, have shocked so many cars circle of people. Maybe in the near future, we can see the following blue sky technology’s Toyota and Mazda with Toyota’s hybrid technology. Like the Toyoda said that Toyota and Mazda were engaged.

Actually write here as we have been able to see. Toyota’s Union, are basically born under influence of Toyota’s marketing strategy. Toyota’s strategy is simple, it wants a supercar, the Yamaha V10 together. It wants to revive cheap sports cars, so find the Subaru BRZ/86 twin brother. It wants a gearbox, love letter was it into my arms.

So, these international giants Toyota and Volkswagen, Ford, market need, what they do, and no matter what you do, not his solo, they are masters of rumble.

And contrast himself alone against two Union of Honda, for this House, I just want to know: there is!

Depending on the car come true They bought 2 4 billion from the LG battery

According to the Korea Herald News, Faraday’s future with LG chemical battery purchase agreements signed a $2.42 billion. As per kilowatt hour batteries on the market now valued at $145, the order changed to meet the needs of nearly 100,000 vehicles batteries.

Depending on the car come true? They bought $2.4 billion from the LG battery

However, feels suspicious is that Faraday’s future bought these batteries to supply the LeSee supercar. But seen from the scale, LeSee vehicles cannot completely digest such a big amount. Chery chain collision test for the first time

Faraday with anything? Have you ever thought, Jia Yue Ting out depending on the car, seems to be a mystery from the outset, the relationship between these companies mess.

I tried stroking it and Jia Yue Ting relationships between related companies. Initially, Jia Yue Ting in the United States during our visit, and baic to jointly invest in a start-up electric car company named Atieva. Then, find a Aston Martin, but because the idea is not to disappear. Then, at the end of 2015, Faraday’s future in the United States announced the establishment, but who actually controls the company is Jia Yue Ting.

Since then, TV plus them walking on three legs, in the United States are Atieva and Faraday’s future competition, in China it is the music and Beijing automotive industry cooperation.

In April this year, farad began in Las Vegas in a $1 billion public investment in the future. In August, Atieva the first prototype road test. On September 19, letv Motors raised $1.08 billion, on September 21, Faraday’s first volume production car road tests in the future. The same day, Faraday’s future contract signed a $2.42 billion and LG chemical battery.

Depending on the car come true? They bought $2.4 billion from the LG battery

Is it looks dazzling? And can’t guess is that Faraday’s future as a United States company, only a Chinese website, no English Web site. Perhaps, Faraday the cars of the future, only to sell to the Chinese in the future. And, in the United States the plant, in addition to having acting United States background, United States Government investment for new energy industry is also very large, currently Nevada Government grant Faraday incentives and tax relief in the future, has reached US $335 million. Believe this is depending on the selection in the United States why plant.

Depending on the car come true? They bought $2.4 billion from the LG battery

Faraday’s first production car of the future planned market in 2018, will sell more than 1 million Yuan, the first owner had produced, that is, women’s volleyball coach Lang ping. But Faraday’s future purchases of so many LG battery, how can I use it again? First hanging LeSee car Super cars isn’t in Beijing Automotive OEM, but Faraday’s future production?

Depending on the car come true? They bought $2.4 billion from the LG battery

Most likely, Faraday’s future, after all, is the home of Jia Yue Ting industries.

50 000 dollars Beijing new energy aware bean is hard

Bean D2 these days consulting know this car really, I guess, in the new Beijing new energy index of more than 13,000 more than lucky, ideas, not a lack of people, right?

Beijing, as a new list of the cheapest sources of energy a car, know beans after the subsidy prices only 49800 D2 in nude, floor prices are only about 56,000. Look, buy a number seems to be a good deal.

50,000 dollars, Beijing new energy aware bean is hard

But there’s a problem, and you bought the car, it is only when a device that, still want to travel?

Family car, buy a knew beans only, not open, that’s not a problem, we rich wayward well. But there’s no car, or want to travel to commute to and from work, so we’d better calm down first.

Because with the car’s standard know beans, this car has a few problems.

First is the chassis. While hanging the Geely brand, know that bean’s biological parents are actually in linyi, Shandong’s new ocean. In development before you know beans, new oceans only electric motorcycles and three-wheeled development experience. This extremely Spartan chassis and suspension design and know beans are not unrelated, such as the rear suspension, know beans is trailing arm torsion beam structures, names and car sounds the same, but I went to the park that 7 people bicycle rear suspension torsion beam, and cars actually the same?

50,000 dollars, Beijing new energy aware bean is hard

And from the appearance point of view, rear suspension I think know beans called torsion bar is more appropriate, look no beam of thin steel pipe. As far as driving quality, old scooter feeling overcomes you at all times. After the speed more than more than more than 60 km, even if two people sitting on a car, Guo degang said near-indifference to the passing of time far gone shake shake, shaky. If you buy know beans, I suggest you don’t go on the rings, on the airport Highway, which shall be 60 km speed held up someone else’s business. Not deducted for the novice s Guide Which lines

Secondly as a car, know beans D2 no anti-collision beam, no airbag, no ABS, the rain and snow in the North also how? My impression is, only Ma Hengda in India built such a car? Once we Gibe three exotic car, now, know beans also make us feel a third brother hang your heart. China new energy I give us a surprise.

50,000 dollars, Beijing new energy aware bean is hard

Taobao last airbag Assembly on three hundred or four hundred bucks if you know beans can put that big screens are not that 3G, money on security, I applaud. Of course, know beans without airbags without ABS, may also be other reasons, such as simply did not want to use CAN-bus and the sensor … … Actually know beans only 220V rechargeable design will be able to see, a car without a high power charger, also means that it is not CAN the network, much less and BMS (battery management system) the ability to communicate.

Third, know beans D1, I wonder when the new ocean in design know beans, there are no NVH (noise, vibration and acoustic roughness). Like many owners response of more than 60 km/h motor noise, and can interfere with the radio. D2 know beans a little improvement, but I still can’t and comparison with other electric vehicles.

50,000 dollars, Beijing new energy aware bean is hard

In addition, know beans simple suspension also determines its filter vibration and road noise level. How to describe it, very lively! Urban roads are OK, provided they do not exceed 60 km/h was no big problem. But a bad road, know beans will bounce jumping beans, the driving experience is like General Electric three-wheeled appendage. Even some of the media when the teacher tests the brakes, know beans D2 rear wheel dangling off the ground, just turned a somersault.

Finally, know beans core components of choice of suppliers, is not too reassuring. Know the motor is new ocean production of beans, although not bad, but Jin electric BYD electric they still have a long way. But until now, the new ocean’s main business is still in-wheel motor and electric three-wheeled bicycles, high power motor not seen any development.

50,000 dollars, Beijing new energy aware bean is hard

Know beans battery chose Henan fluoride. Fluoride in low battery status, but it is the core technology of the electrolyte, or fluoride publicity up of lithium hexafluorophosphate. In terms of batteries and battery pack as a whole package, fluoride and have no special advantage. Instead, fluoride in many of China’s approach to life is suspected, such as in the case of liabilities over more than 800 million, fluoride invested 200 million funds buying financial products. There are 2012 announced 100 million ampere hour battery 2 and 200 million a lithium project in the wake of the news drove up their stock price, up to now haven’t seen much fluoride the two projects.

Finally, the D2 is a short-lived car know beans. Investment in the new ocean base in Lanzhou Geely, the new ocean in linyi plant will gradually reduce known bean production. But with BYD EV version of the song, Yuan, Chang Ben-Ben EV, even cars and SEV will be unveiled before the end of this year, know beans D2 has not continued the production of meaning, the end of 2016 will be discontinued. Know beans maintenance costs, not lower.

Moreover, the D2 before the subsidy was 158,800 know beans, according to the new energy policy, the car insurance every year, will be more than 5500. Think 49800 Yuan to buy a car insurance by more than 5,000 a year, wouldn’t it be a pig in a poke?

Therefore, the above factors together do you think know beans is a good choice?


Well, do not know beans, Beijing new energy list, is there a substitute for knowing beans car? If 49800 buys a car, it really doesn’t. However, if you are willing to pay 10,000 dollars?

There are two choices, Chery’s eQ, a subsidised price 61,800, mini cars. Jac iEV4, a subsidised price 62,800, small cars. Two cars only 1.2 and 13,000 more expensive than 49800 know beans.

Remind, this difference of just over 10,000, in Exchange for a 4-seater, dual air bags, ABS, and the driving experience.

First eQ said Chery. Prototype is the QQ, more than 10 years mature vehicle design and production process, is absolutely known peas immeasurably. And QQ than eQ, also because of the battery pack weight was more than 300 kilograms, reflecting on the driving experience is more solid chassis, better stability. Just life and the D2 know beans at the same level as, the actual use in about 130 km.

50,000 dollars, Beijing new energy aware bean is hard

But Chery eQ also has made the common mistake new energy vehicles, it is not the first mass production of key parts suppliers. Electric drive motor from the initial Shanghai, replaced by associated with Chery in Wuhu jienuorui. Ternary lithium batteries from the universal billion to replace Gatway ternary lithium in Tianjin. If there is no brand complex for suppliers of battery life decreased more than ten kilometres, you can completely do not care about.

Jac iEV4, and eQ, as were the first two batches into the list of new energy vehicles in Beijing. Know beans and eQ,iEV4 than the maximum advantage models high level, is a small car, interior space is larger, or standard three-Chamber structure, is more in line with the aesthetic habits of ordinary people.

50,000 dollars, Beijing new energy aware bean is hard

However and wonder bean as well as compared to eQ, iEV4 biggest disadvantage is that it’s battery is Xuan of Hefei high-tech production of lithium iron phosphate battery, high weight, large size. But battery life is 150 km, and know beans and eQ are flat.

Of course, in what is now Beijing new Energy directory, there are several equally is a double-seater car, is can replace know beans.


First of all Titan sway salute to Smart zotye E200,5.98 of a subsidised price, the actual range easily surpassing 160 km, and the face value is high in domestic new energy cars. Unfortunately, although Beijing has tried to drive, but has yet to get into the new energy list, 4S shop news and just wait, wait, we’re trying … …

50,000 dollars, Beijing new energy aware bean is hard

Of course, and Chery salute open and aboveboard to the Toyota IQ little ants, but will not be listed until the end of this year. But compared to ants, another two-seat car, I look forward to, and SEV.

50,000 dollars, Beijing new energy aware bean is hard

Now news of SEV not more, but performance is, the two tandem, airbags, ABS, ESP available, 2*10 kg removable batteries, batteries from Panasonic, battery life Almost 100 km. The price, about 40,000 yuan.

Look in the list of new energy cars, wandering look at directory of new energy vehicles in Beijing, I think list of Beijing new energy rules of the game should be redesigned. Strict entry and at the same time, is also going to establish a mechanism? Of course, this is just a suggestion, we can discuss it again in the future.

Car onion rings as long as hundreds of pieces can improve performance and save

Cheating automotive supplies, in addition to the oil filter and the like, there’s often some rare items, onion will give you today buddy talk for online sales is very popular “cheating” goods!

What are “cheating” delivery?

Watch the video it quickly ~

Electric turbine

Small-displacement turbocharged engines had become a development trend of automobile, relatively fuel-efficient, and increase the power, this be the cause of many owners choose Turbo car. Mama Real work here Tire pressure monitoring will

Online sellers also seems to see that, abruptly gave out an electric turbine, onions found Internet search, there are so many similar products, ranging in price from hundreds of thousands, and the price is not high, but the seller’s product features completely scare the onion!

Examine the artifact, working principle and exhaust gas turbine is different, depends on the power turbine to increase the intake and intake.

Seller claims: built-in Turbo speed of tens of thousands of revolutions per minute, replacing original car air filter, mounted directly on the engine air intakes on the line, easy to install, installed in 20 minutes, lifting power, engine power increased by 20%-40%, economy, oil, reduce fuel consumption by 15%-20%, environmental quality! Emissions reduced by over 60%! So I Park Royal haze seemed to be saved … …

Drive the turbines of the power source is the 12V battery of the vehicle, think you know, powered by 12V power supply fan speed am I going to reach tens of thousands go, could turn thousands of good.

The Turbo speed normal are a hundred thousand of revolutions, only such a high speed in order to achieve the objective of effective pressure, like power even if the speed of the turbine can be tens of thousands, also plays no role, put it on the engine air intakes, can adversely affect the engine’s air intake.

In addition, fuel-saving, emission reduced 60%? Onion only wants to say–boast also needs to have a good …

Voltage regulator fuel economizer

Everybody is hard to save oil, bought a car to see what kind of car fuel, buying a car, I want to how to drive fuel.

While owners of those businesses are well aware, more hard thinking to come up with a power saving products, known as fuel.

Compared to electric turbines, which is worse! Not only cheaper prices, installation is also easier, just plug in the cigarette lighter, it can play a role, it can fuel, incidentally, enhance the power, let the horse run fast, rhythm and let the horse do not eat grass …

Look at his works: it’s automobile fuel efficiency under the influence of engine ignition systems, ignition systems ignition voltage, car air conditioning and electric interference voltages, voltage fluctuations caused, resulting in the ignition voltage is affected, then it will cause incomplete combustion of fuel, fuel waste.

The voltage regulator fuel-saving device known as a chip, connected car circuit to control trip computer, the purpose of stabilizing the voltage.

At first glance! Makes sense, however flawed, Ah! Cars are parallel relations between the various appliances, voltage is relatively constant between them, independently, in the cigarette lighter plug in this stable voltage, no basis is!

In addition, the spark plug ignition does need a lot of voltage, but as long as the ignition voltage lower limit, we will produce sparks, cited in the gas tank of flammable gas mixture, even if the voltage deviations, the ignition effect will be the same.

In fact, the original car circuit regulator, automotive design engineer before taking into account these, don’t need to we’ll install regulated device.

Fire hose

What is throat? In simple terms is the exhaust pipe end, can see it outside the car is called the tail pipes.

So-called flame tail throat is actually a built-in light bulb tail and throat, relying on the strong light bulb effect of simulated car fire.

Onion is dumbfounding, sellers claimed to reduce engine noise, also prompted attention from.

But Onions I want to say is, this bright bulb in the back of the car, considering after truck drivers feel … And a “big egg” in the exhaust, afraid of what’s wrong with the car plug …

All in all, the fire tail throat of the flower is not good, we’d better don’t buy.

Onion brother becomes a race car or supercar in the common exhaust pipe fire principle.

Are usually turbocharged cars, in the race to avoid Turbo lag, resulting in power can’t keep up, so usually when you have ignition system, racing driver loose when the throttle, the engine will continue to fuel injection and ignition, so large amounts of fuel to enter the exhaust pipe, use high temperature ignition of fuel and tailpipe fire occurred.

Burning these fuels produces high pressure turbine has maintained a high speed, so as to avoid Turbo lag.


Today give you so many wonderful things and hope that friends remember, not so much in the world to spend a penny to do big good thing, tell your friends, and avoid deception, white money.

Cars fear being cheated?  Car questions? you get older drivers to be here! Just concerned about the onion app public: “car onion rings.”


NVIDIA pushes mobile GPU,GeForce 940MX debut

According to foreign media reports recently Nvidia launched GeForce 900MX series for the entry-level market three new models: GeForce 940MX, 930MX, and 920MX mobile GPU, GeForce instead has launched a long 920M, 930M, 940M and other older models, but has not launched the high-performance GT or GTX series. Dolce & Gabbana iPhone 6 Cases

Dolce Gabbana Cases

NVIDIA pushes mobile GPU,GeForce 940MX debut

NVIDIA are now selling old and new mobile version of the video card up to 12.

NVIDIA pushes mobile GPU,GeForce 940MX debut

GF 920MX, GF 930MX, GF 940MX are based on Maxwell GM108 framework, but NVIDIA has not released specifications. Dolce Gabbana Cases

NVIDIA pushes mobile GPU,GeForce 940MX debut

GF 920M, for example, it will have three different architecture, based on Fermi GF119, Kepler K208, respectively, as well as Maxwell GM108 (new MX model). Similarly GF 9400M also has a number of different specifications, even into new 940MX GDDR3 and GDDR5 two models.

NVIDIA pushes mobile GPU,GeForce 940MX debut

Foreign media on NVIDIA’s new graphics are simple tests, obviously GDDR5 version fared better than GDDR3 version, which also provides some reference value to consumers.


A United States artist to Chinese roots use cardboard to make his ancestors

A United States artist to Chinese roots, and cardboard to make his countrymen

Look, the three above, namely your ancestor Grandpa, three aunts and grandmother. Victorias Secret Case


Yes, just like the title says, this is in fact a United States artist of Chinese origin story.

Victorias Secret Case

Six years ago, Warren King came to China for the first time, and returned to his family for a few generations ago residents–Shaoxing.

There, separated him and his more than 50 years connected to the blood back-turns out, your grandfather and my grandfather were brothers, and now you’re Chinese, I’m American.

This is really strange things.

So the King decided to do something–this is love unusual to introduce today this group of works, Victorias Secret Case

Made of cardboard and glue life size sculptures.

He named each sculpture is “Shaoxing + number”, that is the root of his strange but close.



Beijing new energy vehicle owners is the local hand 6 cards

No barrier between the different brands of Beijing post is well known all over the country. So many owners of Beijing new energy in the door when, pocket to carry at least two per cent of the charge card, to cater for the different post. Carrying a card out, feeling is not very soil trenches?

This method of charging, estimates owners outside Beijing is difficult to realize. Take for instance the charge card, now there are country net average Beijing charge cards, network high-speed charge card all charge card, Tomita electric piles of low easy card. Beijing auto charging using the calling APP, three excellent post use the Chinese business APP e filling station. More special steel and Sinopec charge charging station, use the cash method of payment. What are you waiting for These 90 000 compact

Next, we’ll look at Beijing’s charge cards in circulation on the market.

National grid common charge card

Beijing new energy vehicle owners is the local hand-6 cards

National grid Highway charge card

Beijing new energy vehicle owners is the local hand-6 cards

All charge card

Beijing new energy vehicle owners is the local hand-6 cards


Beijing new energy vehicle owners is the local hand-6 cards

Beijing Auto’s new energy calls charging APP

Beijing new energy vehicle owners is the local hand-6 cards

E filling station APP

Beijing new energy vehicle owners is the local hand-6 cards

Alipay and micro-letters would have resolved the problem five years ago, I solved in Beijing, why is it so difficult?

Meizu released big screen phones young people charm of the blue Max

The afternoon of September 5, Meizu in the National Convention Center charm blue product launches, officially released the charm of the blue Max. Disney Note 4 Case

As a subsidiary of Meizu’s first big-screen phones, equipped with a 6.0-inch full HD screen, using the same all-metal airframe technology as the magic blue e, built-in Helio P10, 3GB+64GB combination of storage, front-back 13 million 5 million + lens combinations, 4100mAh battery, standard 24W fast charge.

The Flyme also must be optimized for Office scene, so that charming blue-Max work in more handy. Charm blue Max throughout the channel platform for an appointment on September 5, September 15, at 10 o’clock in the morning officially went on sale, price of 1699.

Charm blue series have been “young good” position, committed to providing young people with high quality, leading edge products and continue to narrow the distance between charm blue brand with younger age groups. Looking back to the charm of this announcement the blue Max, main screen attributes of this product, equipped with a 6.0-inch full HD screen and override the 2.5D curved glass. To large-screen phone handle, follows the same charm with blue e all-metal airframe technology through several processes such as CNC, anodizing, sandblasting, ultimately delicate metallic.

Hardware configuration, charming blue Max powered by mediatek Helio P10 eight core 64-bit processor, the highest frequency is 1.8GHz. 3GB LPDDR3 memory 64GB eMMC5.1 Flash memory as standard. Standard mTouch, support front-fingerprint recognition and full support of fingerprint payment to PayPal and micro-letter. Main camera uses Sony IMX258 sensor, with 13 million pixels, support PDAF phases focus, equipped with dual color fill light. Front facing camera pixel is 5 million to support real-time facial. It is worth mentioning that, magic blue Max 4100mAh capacity battery, combined with Helio P10 low-power processor, has a good battery life. And supports the mCharge fast charge technology, highest can be charged up to 24W power, 30 minutes into the 45%. Support dual SIM dual standby, Netcom, VoLTE.

  Charm of the blue Max run are based on Android 6.0 Flyme 5.2 system, the release of charm with blue Max, Flyme has not ushered in a significant update. But overall functionality and practicality have been perfected, unity of interface is also very strong and made customizing Android OS products.

Introduction to water cooled Seidon 120V right out of the box

Introduction to water-cooled Seidon 120V right out of the box

Seidon 120V is Cooler Master to launch entry level water cooling. Compare DIY water cooling, integrated water cooling for me this primary white people whilst the initial taste is, of course, starting from primary to try. While the machine while also just charm Seidon 120V tried cold water.

Introduction to water-cooled Seidon 120V right out of the box

Seidon 120 but there are several types, namely, 120V, 120M and 120XL, 120V is the most inexpensive, others are fans, exhaust and water-cooled heads have some difference. Packaging design, industrialization, basically show you let it go.


Introduction to water-cooled Seidon 120V right out of the box

Is introduced all kinds of spare parts, as well as selling feature on the back or something like that.


Introduction to water-cooled Seidon 120V right out of the box

Accessories and leisure facilities, support for AMD and Intel standard, and comes with silicone grease. Vera Bradley cell phone case


Introduction to water-cooled Seidon 120V right out of the box
Introduction to water-cooled Seidon 120V right out of the box

Fan is Cooler Master his 12cm fan speed from 600~2400RPM, and supports PWM speed control. Scattered with live bearing, noise between 19~40dBA.


Introduction to water-cooled Seidon 120V right out of the box
Introduction to water-cooled Seidon 120V right out of the box

Seidon on 120V models have shown that the size of cold, 27mm compatibility on the thickness of the installation I encountered no problems. Cold fins arranged in folds, increasing the cooling area. Cold work quality is also good.


Introduction to water-cooled Seidon 120V right out of the box

Water-cooling pipe FEP polymer material, reduce the rate of evapotranspiration, maintaining longer service life. Coiled tube design won’t SAG like when the bending. More tough water pipe, a little afraid to bend, feel the feeling of excessive force. Vera Bradley iPhone 5

Seidon 120V has filled in the factory cooled liquid without later added, there will be no test leakage. This was my number one water favorite place, although DIY-really cool, but to see a variety of tutorials and debugged has dizziness.


Introduction to water-cooled Seidon 120V right out of the box

Water cooled head, Seidon 120V water cooled head bottom made of pure copper wire drawing processes, maintain sufficient contact with the CPU. Internal use of ceramic bearings, ensures that the 70,000 hours of trouble-free service life. Done within the 0.2mm micro flow channel design, makes the heat more quickly and efficiently.


Built-in lighting effects water head, installed automatically when lit, cool feeling is good.


Vera Bradley iPhone 5

Actual installation time, 120 of the water, of course, there is not much a problem in compatibility, in fact not on the cannon and his ilk can be. Of course when it comes to must be integrated water cooling, at the time of installation was much simpler. Installation order or notice, first Board on the base fastener installation, then the motherboard installed, otherwise you’ll have to sell it again.

And practical use, Seidon 120V to suppress i7-4790K the basic problem is not used, whether it is the default 4GHz the rhythm of running basic at 32 ° c, basic can be ignored at the noise, of course. As to how the overclocked and loaded? I’m not telling you.